Decisive by Dan and Chip Heath

Decisive I am a chronic book lover and as such I can fall in love with a book just by looking at it or sometimes just by the way it feels in my hands but this book by two brothers Dan and Chip Heath is a must read for everybody in general but specially for young upcoming professionals who will be making a lot of difficult and quick decisions in their lives.

I learnt all or part of it in the trenches with my seniors still I can never claim that when I make decisions I take care of all these aspects of successful decision making, which have been illustrated in this book.

Dan & Heath have a way with words, simple and concise. In this book they describe that to make better choices, we must avoid the most common decision-making biases. Being aware of these biases isn’t sufficient to avoid them, but a process can help. Following this process doesn’t guarantee making the right decisions but the quality of your decision making will definitely increase and so will the probability of better decision outcomes.


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