The Illusion of Right Priorities!!

The illusion of right prioritiesThe biggest illusion for an individual could be his misplaced confidence in the righteousness of his priorities in life. Identifying these priorities early and then setting your goals accordingly is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

Most of us mistake our ambitions for what we want in life. We sometimes mess up the meaning of happiness and falsely equate it to the achievement of our short-term goals. These goals are nothing but momentary spikes in our otherwise monotonous struggle to realize our ambitions. We realize this only after achieving our ambitions and if we are lucky, sometimes earlier. Still, it takes a lot of effort and energy to steer your life towards a happier and satisfied future. That is why it is so important to find our real priorities in life as early as possible?

Your priority could be anything you value in life and you know that it will make you happy. There can be trade offs between two competing priorities but in the end you have to know what matters more to you. Ask yourself, is it money? Is it family? Is it just laying low and sustain? Some people want to make it big in a field of their choice, irrespective of money and any other consideration. I am not saying that one of the above is better to choose than others and by no means it is an exhaustive list. Whatever it is that makes you happy should be your priority. Identify it quickly and make a plan to achieve it. Don’t fool yourself with one when actually you long for the other.

I know of a case where someone was offered a better job with more money, perks and responsibility and she always wanted such a job but when she realized that this new job would mean less time with her husband and for the things she loved doing, she turned down the offer. So she realized her priority was better quality of life with her family than the job she always wanted. You can very well guess what would have happened if she were not able to decipher her feelings to understand her real priority in life.

So ask yourself today, what is your priority in life? You might be surprised with the answer.


4 thoughts on “The Illusion of Right Priorities!!

  1. you spoke my heart.
    But i am still unable to recognize my prioritize;and i am in a deep dilemma whether to choose my career or my married life.
    It was a nice attempt to portray your thoughts.kudos to you .


    1. I can’t advise you but I suggest you read the book ‘Decisive’ that I have mentioned in my previous post, it will help you to come to a conclusion but then to act upon that is your own choice.


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